PUBG Mobile: New Era – Details & How to Update

PUBG Mobile: New Era – Details & How to Update on Blog

PUBG Mobile has become an incredible hit on Android and iOS, having more than 50 million daily active users. The game itself is free to play, so there is no wonder that the developers release new content very frequently to encourage the players to buy the battle pass. The latest update is called “New Era” and has lots of new content to offer.

What’s New

The PUBG Mobile new update strongly refreshes the Erangel map: the locations for landings were shifted and completely reworked. The community is always eager to try PUBG Mobile new maps, so the New Era update should satisfy their desire to visit new locations and try new strategies. New Erangel is already available for matchmaking in the updated versions of PUBG Mobile.

The user interface has also been reloaded in the update: the main menu is now split into three categories with different kinds of activities for each section. The new menu is well-structured and has an option to quickly navigate through sections and switch from one activity to another.

The graphics were also improved for the New Era update. PUBG Mobile for Android has been struggling with optimization issues since it was first released, and the New Era update promises to improve the game’s performance. The new visual and weather effects should improve the immersion, and the new textures will bring more details to the visual part of the game.

And last but not least, PUBG New Era update introduces a new game mode. It is called “Cheer Park” and has a lot to offer: in this mode, you can take part in different contests, practice your aim or just have some fun with your friends. All the attributes of an amusement park are present in this mode: there are swings for two, air balloons, boats, and much more to explore in a company of friends.

How to Update

The New Era update for PUBG Mobile has already been officially released on mobile platforms. It means that to update the game, you just have to visit Google Play for Android users and App Store for iOS device owners and hit the update button to join everyone in the New Era. The update is always completely free and does not require you to make any purchases to download it and check out the content. Some content, however, is as always included in the new season pass.

The Update You Were Waiting For

The New Era update truly refreshes the whole experience of PUBG Mobile. The new map will please those who have already mastered the previous ones, the new game mode will become a place to have a rest from the regular matchmaking, and the graphic and UI updates will improve the general user experience of the game.

Moreover, the New Era update is only the beginning: the developers have promised to share new details on the upcoming updates soon. In case you enjoy PUBG Mobile news from our team, feel free to share this post and leave comments in the section below.

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