Playthora makes it possible to resell and trade digital game items

Playthora makes it possible to resell and trade digital game items on Blog

There is such a massive market for the trading of items from games. However, it has primarily been done in secret as it has been considered illegal. Founders of Playthora, are trying to change this narrative. Playthora is a platform that allows virtual buying and selling of digital game items in a legal, fun, and fully approved way.

6 months ago, the company launched a V1 model, in partnership with Light Trail Rush. Since then, they have introduced a white label solution, the V2, which allows integration of the items marketplace in their own gaming ecosystem powered by Playthora. Their goal is to provide a greater level of flexibility and compatibility with most games on the market via APIs.

One would think that game producers would be unreceptive to this idea as it could cause a decrease in their revenue, but the exact opposite is the case. In fact, some gaming companies had already started conceiving the idea but were a bit skeptical as to how their player base would perceive it. A vast potential value is created by introducing a secondary market where more value is offered to their players, thereby increasing their retention and, at the same time, causing a boost in primary market sales. 

Their estimation is that a secondary market would boost player retention by 20% and increase player lifetime value to a significant degree. The V1 and V2 marketplace have different transaction models. In the V1 marketplace, there is a commission on every transaction on the site, and this is split between the gaming producers and Playthora. In the V2, the marketplace is integrated into the game system and operates a Pay-as-you-go model.

Which of your favorite games would you like to see this platform implemented in? Let us know in the comment section.

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