Launch Trailer for Minecraft VR Went Live

Launch Trailer for Minecraft VR Went Live on Blog

The new trailer for Minecraft VR was posted on the official YouTube account of PlayStation on September 22. The trailer revealed the gameplay process of Minecraft with PSVR captured on PlayStation 4 Pro and was followed by an immediate release in PlayStation Store.

The one-minute length trailer has shown Minecraft's incredible performance on PlayStation 4 Pro: you can see the stable framerate and the smoothness of animations. It shows building, exploring and even the enemy encounters from the first-person view perspective. The best thing about the upgrade for PSVR is that it is completely free to the owners of the basic edition of Minecraft on PS 4. In case you have Minecraft in your library, you can update for the VR edition right now without having to make any purchases.

Despite the trailer accompanying the launch of VR edition on PlayStation, we remind you that you still can play Minecraft VR on your Android device in case you have a compatible VR headset. There are detailed instructions on launching the game in VR mode available online, and in case you are not interested in the standard Minecraft, you can check out Minecraft Earth, an AR game for mobile devices.

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