Five Best Roblox Games in 2020

Five Best Roblox Games in 2020 on Blog

Since its initial release in 2006, Roblox has constantly been gaining popularity both as a gaming and game development platform. Thousands of games have already been released, and it is no surprise that new players get a bit confused in selecting games for themselves. In this article, we are going to suggest five newest Roblox games, which would be a pleasure to play in 2020 on Android devices.


Jailbreak is one of the most popular games made on Roblox. It is not very new: the game was initially released in 2017. However, due to the popularity of the game, the developers can constantly update it with fresh content. Moreover, it is supported on mobile devices, making it one of the best games for Roblox on Android.


Roblox's new game mode was inspired by stealth horror games like Granny, Hello Neighbor, and others. However, in this game mode, you do not try to outsmart the AI-control enemy: in Spider, the opponent's role is also taken by a real player. The Spider-player has to chase other players and harm them in various ways, while others do their best to escape the surprisingly creepy creature.

Work at a Pizza Place

The name of this game for Roblox speaks for itself: you will have to try on the pizza maker's role. The game offers to play as almost any employee of a pizza place from cashiers and delivery guys to suppliers. The game is also pretty user-friendly and has great tutorials for each position in the restaurant. Among other Roblox games for Android, this one stands out because of its intuitiveness.

Vehicle Simulator

Vehicle Simulator is the Test Drive Unlimited or Forza Horizon from the Roblox universe. In this game, you get a vast open-world to explore and a wide range of cars to drive. The new cars are unlocked by winning races, making the progression system pretty clear and fair. It is also supported on Android, and many players claim this is the best Roblox game in the racing genre.

Dungeon Quest

Another great game on Roblox in 2020 is Dungeon Quest. It is a mass multiplayer online RPG in which you have to fight your way through the dungeons. The game impresses with a wide choice of weapons and other gear, a variety of abilities, and a diverse set of maps. As the MMO genre suggests, you can play Dungeon Quest with your friends.

How About Your Picks

Roblox is an incredible platform that allows the creators to reveal their potential by using a flexible and easy to learn developer tool. The amounts of community-created content available in Roblox is impressive, and the variety of games makes it hard to choose the next try. We have shared our pick for the top five Roblox games in 2020, and we would be glad to discuss other games in the comments section. Feel free to share this post, and don’t forget to write the favorite Roblox game of yours below.

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