Top Five Board Games for Android

During the time of pandemic, it is pretty hard to play board games together with friends. However, there is still a safe option to take part in board adventures with your company: play them online. Thankfully, there are lots of interesting board games for Android available, and here is our top five picks. Ticket to Ride This board game has a long story: it was initially released in 2004. The concept of building railroads across North America has successfully brought attention to millions of players, and the well-developed rules were good enough to make these players fans. Since its initial release, Ticket to Ride has received many updates and different editions with various maps and regions covered. Fortunately for the fans of one of the best board games Android, the Android edition is also available. It allows you to play your favorite game with friends on the go. Carcassonne Another game transferred to mobile from the world of real board games is Carcassonne. The game is set in medieval times, and the players have to build castles and roads to achieve victory. The greatest thing about both mobile and physical editions of the game is that it is easy to learn and hard to master. The rules are pretty simple for understanding, while there is enough room for various strategies. Scrabble As you could already notice, the best way to develop a mobile board game is to adapt to the real board game. Scrabble is no exception to this rule, and its digital version is as good as the physical one. The players are given seven letters, and they have to combine them into words on the crossword-like field. The rare letters grant more points, and long words will also boost your score, but there is also room for strategy: different bonuses are placed all over the map, and even one tactically-correct word can win the game. Hearthstone The next pick is not an adaptation of a real board game to the digital world. Hearthstone is a trading card game, where you play a minion, and spell cards turn by turn with your opponent. The mechanics are a bit harder than in typical board games, but the tutorial is introducing them in a very simple way. It is another game that is easy to learn and hard to master. Unlike other picks in our lists, Hearthstone has some truly beautiful artworks and animations and is a real pleasure to the eyes. Forbidden Island Forbidden Island is another unique game for the list. While other picks are competitive and the players fight against each other, Forbidden Islands provides a cooperative experience. Gamers have to play in teams to beat the dangerous island full of challenges. It is pretty hard to win, and there are several difficulty levels, but this greatly encourages the game's social element: to cooperate properly, players have to coordinate their moves between each other. Which One is Your Favorite? The board games exist even when it is hard for people to gather with their friends. Mobile versions of the most popular titles help people stay connected and safely have fun with their favorite companies. We have picked the five best board game apps for Android, but there are much more games to discover. Feel free to write your favorites in the comments and share this article with your friends to invite them to play one of these amazing titles together.

Best Alternatives of Episode – Choose Your Story

Episode - Choose Your Story is a popular interactive story game for mobile devices developed by Episode interactive. Despite the game being free to play, each story is an unlocker story to discover. The game is set in a university, and the player can choose from a wide range of main characters at the start. The plot involves dating, making friends, studying, and many more. The character selection gives you more room for role-playing as you can choose a character with the same background as yours. Tip of the Iceberg Episode – Choose Your Story is an extremely addicting game that brought many gamers' attention to the visual novel genre. However, the game has several significant drawbacks, making some players look for the alternatives. This article offers only five games like Episode, but there are dozens of other games to discover. Feel free to share your favorite ones in the comments and discuss the games we mentioned.ed for gems, which are not so easy to obtain. People even use Episode – Choose Your Story hacks to unlock all the episodes. In this article, we are going to present a selection of the best Episode alternatives. Doki Doki Literature Club Doki Doki Literature Club is also an interactive story game. Unlike in Episode, there is only one main story in Doki Doki, but the story is far more detailed and developed than in Episode. There are dozens of interesting characters, and the interactions with them are pretty diverse. Witches and Bandits and Swords (Oh My) Witches and Bandits and Swords is also a visual novel. What makes this particular game interesting is that you don’t have to download it. So it is Episode – Choose Your Story online, but in the medieval setting. The visuals are not animated and less detailed than in Episode, but the developers have managed to maintain an attractive atmosphere. Love and Order Love and Order is another interesting visual novel. This game developed by Winter Wolves focuses more on dating and romance, but still has an interesting story to discover. The game is free and requires the player to perform a wide range of tasks to succeed. The main female character is starting a Montreal career, and you will help her in the decision-making process. Frozen Essence Unlike the previous game on our list, Frozen Essence is not set in the real world. Such a choice gave the developers more space for their creativity, and they have managed to properly invent a world with its own rules. Mina, the main character, has mysterious dark powers and a company of friends protecting her. You will have to explore the enigmatic realm, select a partner for yourself, and enjoy the local storytelling. Campus Crush Campus Crush stands out strongly among other games like Episode as it was created by the same developers. This game offers almost the same experience as Episode but with a new setting and only one gen

Five Best Roblox Games in 2020

Since its initial release in 2006, Roblox has constantly been gaining popularity both as a gaming and game development platform. Thousands of games have already been released, and it is no surprise that new players get a bit confused in selecting games for themselves. In this article, we are going to suggest five newest Roblox games, which would be a pleasure to play in 2020 on Android devices. Jailbreak Jailbreak is one of the most popular games made on Roblox. It is not very new: the game was initially released in 2017. However, due to the popularity of the game, the developers can constantly update it with fresh content. Moreover, it is supported on mobile devices, making it one of the best games for Roblox on Android. Spider Roblox's new game mode was inspired by stealth horror games like Granny, Hello Neighbor, and others. However, in this game mode, you do not try to outsmart the AI-control enemy: in Spider, the opponent's role is also taken by a real player. The Spider-player has to chase other players and harm them in various ways, while others do their best to escape the surprisingly creepy creature. Work at a Pizza Place The name of this game for Roblox speaks for itself: you will have to try on the pizza maker's role. The game offers to play as almost any employee of a pizza place from cashiers and delivery guys to suppliers. The game is also pretty user-friendly and has great tutorials for each position in the restaurant. Among other Roblox games for Android, this one stands out because of its intuitiveness. Vehicle Simulator Vehicle Simulator is the Test Drive Unlimited or Forza Horizon from the Roblox universe. In this game, you get a vast open-world to explore and a wide range of cars to drive. The new cars are unlocked by winning races, making the progression system pretty clear and fair. It is also supported on Android, and many players claim this is the best Roblox game in the racing genre. Dungeon Quest Another great game on Roblox in 2020 is Dungeon Quest. It is a mass multiplayer online RPG in which you have to fight your way through the dungeons. The game impresses with a wide choice of weapons and other gear, a variety of abilities, and a diverse set of maps. As the MMO genre suggests, you can play Dungeon Quest with your friends. How About Your Picks Roblox is an incredible platform that allows the creators to reveal their potential by using a flexible and easy to learn developer tool. The amounts of community-created content available in Roblox is impressive, and the variety of games makes it hard to choose the next try. We have shared our pick for the top five Roblox games in 2020, and we would be glad to discuss other games in the comments section. Feel free to share this post, and don’t forget to write the favorite Roblox game of yours below.

Launch Trailer for Minecraft VR Went Live

The new trailer for Minecraft VR was posted on the official YouTube account of PlayStation on September 22. The trailer revealed the gameplay process of Minecraft with PSVR captured on PlayStation 4 Pro and was followed by an immediate release in PlayStation Store. The one-minute length trailer has shown Minecraft's incredible performance on PlayStation 4 Pro: you can see the stable framerate and the smoothness of animations. It shows building, exploring and even the enemy encounters from the first-person view perspective. The best thing about the upgrade for PSVR is that it is completely free to the owners of the basic edition of Minecraft on PS 4. In case you have Minecraft in your library, you can update for the VR edition right now without having to make any purchases. Despite the trailer accompanying the launch of VR edition on PlayStation, we remind you that you still can play Minecraft VR on your Android device in case you have a compatible VR headset. There are detailed instructions on launching the game in VR mode available online, and in case you are not interested in the standard Minecraft, you can check out Minecraft Earth, an AR game for mobile devices.

PUBG Mobile: New Era – Details & How to Update

PUBG Mobile has become an incredible hit on Android and iOS, having more than 50 million daily active users. The game itself is free to play, so there is no wonder that the developers release new content very frequently to encourage the players to buy the battle pass. The latest update is called “New Era” and has lots of new content to offer. What’s New The PUBG Mobile new update strongly refreshes the Erangel map: the locations for landings were shifted and completely reworked. The community is always eager to try PUBG Mobile new maps, so the New Era update should satisfy their desire to visit new locations and try new strategies. New Erangel is already available for matchmaking in the updated versions of PUBG Mobile. The user interface has also been reloaded in the update: the main menu is now split into three categories with different kinds of activities for each section. The new menu is well-structured and has an option to quickly navigate through sections and switch from one activity to another. The graphics were also improved for the New Era update. PUBG Mobile for Android has been struggling with optimization issues since it was first released, and the New Era update promises to improve the game’s performance. The new visual and weather effects should improve the immersion, and the new textures will bring more details to the visual part of the game. And last but not least, PUBG New Era update introduces a new game mode. It is called “Cheer Park” and has a lot to offer: in this mode, you can take part in different contests, practice your aim or just have some fun with your friends. All the attributes of an amusement park are present in this mode: there are swings for two, air balloons, boats, and much more to explore in a company of friends. How to Update The New Era update for PUBG Mobile has already been officially released on mobile platforms. It means that to update the game, you just have to visit Google Play for Android users and App Store for iOS device owners and hit the update button to join everyone in the New Era. The update is always completely free and does not require you to make any purchases to download it and check out the content. Some content, however, is as always included in the new season pass. The Update You Were Waiting For The New Era update truly refreshes the whole experience of PUBG Mobile. The new map will please those who have already mastered the previous ones, the new game mode will become a place to have a rest from the regular matchmaking, and the graphic and UI updates will improve the general user experience of the game. Moreover, the New Era update is only the beginning: the developers have promised to share new details on the upcoming updates soon. In case you enjoy PUBG Mobile news from our team, feel free to share this post and leave comments in the section below.

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