PUBG MOBILE Nordic Map: Livik

PUBG MOBILE Nordic Map: Livik Review

The review presented on this page is written strictly for educational purposes. Please mind that the author's opinion on the matter may be different from yours.

The review presented on this page is written strictly for educational purposes. Please mind that the author's opinion on the matter may be different from yours.

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PUBG MOBILE Review: Unbelievable Depth

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Professional Review

Professional Review

Frederikke Lennert
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PUBG MOBILE is a mobile version of a popular multiplayer Battle Royale title recreating the original island's geography and allowing you to apply all resources you are suggested to use in the origin. It is available for free. The genre suggests you fight, gear up, drop in, and compete in order to survive. Download PUBG MOBILE with updates and get involved in the intense multiplayer action on the go.

Image source - play.google.com

Looking Great

This title is designed exclusively for a mobile device. Of course, this game is better on large screens, but the graphics are still superb even on small-screened devices. 

It automatically adjusts the graphical settings focusing on the current conditions. But you can adjust resolution, frame rate, colors manually. The controls are very important here. If you do not master them, your every skill will be helpless. They are customizable.

The Goal is to Survive

You will not have a plot within this game. There is no need in it. The gameplay is focused on fighting and survival. The character you navigate will aim, shoot, kill, pick up the resources, and does his best to avoid being killed.

You will explore the world across the massive battle maps with enormous battlegrounds with plenty of details. You will play during day and night under various weather conditions. You will find yourself in different cities and in the jungles. 

Do not forget to apply strategy thinking which will help you stand the only man who has managed to survive. 

It is impossible to mention all virtues of this deep game in a brief PUBG review. Just believe that it is worthy. Install it and enjoy it from the very first action.

Never Get Bored

There are several modes. The updated version can come with some new ones, but the basic modes are usually available always. They are Arcade and Classic. The former comes with a lot of versions of the map, weapons, restrictions. The latter delivers only three maps, one of which will be the world to explore when you start. 

You are also suggested to benefit from the training modes helping you understand the control scheme and polish your skills. It is possible to play both in a third-person and first-person perspective. 

You can discuss your achievements with other players through a voice chat. Being rather deep, the game is still affordable for the beginners, though the experience is an advantage, of course.

If you like to compare this superb title with other of the genre, I’d recommend trying the similar ones: Free Fire, Rules of Survival, Survival Royale.


Download PUBGS and enjoy realistic ballistics and perfect visuals. The title is updated almost every month, coming with improvements and additional challenges or weapons. You will not get bored if you like Battle Royale.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

One of the best action games ever!


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