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The review presented on this page is written strictly for educational purposes. Please mind that the author's opinion on the matter may be different from yours.

The review presented on this page is written strictly for educational purposes. Please mind that the author's opinion on the matter may be different from yours.

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Prodigy Math Game Review: Fun Format for Math Practice

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Professional Review

Professional Review

Mathias Andersen
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Prodigy Math Game is an online persistent math game where you can practice your math skills. It is popular all over the world among students and teachers. Download Prodigy Math Game to benefit from game-based learning of rather complicated discipline. It is coming out with updates being free to play.

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Graphics and Controls

The graphics are well done. The colored cartoonish design is eye-pleasing while the layout is clear. You will play by the nice background music and hear sounds FX from time to time. There is the sound menu allowing you to adjust them as you like.

Become Stronger in Math

This interactive math game provides the maths questions which should be answered by a player. As a result, you get a particular learning experience when you can win only if you answer correctly. But it does not look like a dull textbook with the tasks. 

The content of this title is engaging. You will get rewards for your achievements in math learning. Also, you will be suggested to play with your friends or participate in quests. Every step here will bring new knowledge easily transformed into skills. In this Prodigy Math Game review, I’d like to list all arguments in favor of this title.

Personalize Your Experience and Play for a Long Time

The replayability of the game is rather strong due to numerous math problems. To enjoy the process, you are suggested to choose the content in accordance with a player’s knowledge level. There are 1400 skills here. You should know your strengths and choose an appropriate level. 

The most useful feature of the app is its connection with the curricula and classroom. Thus, the playing process will be of help for students which will keep growing while having fun and playing this game. 

If you want more entertainment, become a premium member. Here you are suggested to answer more questions; as a result you will level up faster and get pleasant bonuses, including rewards, pets, special areas. Also, it is possible to arrange tournaments to spice things up.

If you like to try any similar game, I recommend you to consider Buzzmath and Robot School: Learn to Code.


I’m sure that this title should be installed on your mobile device if you want to use your playtime profitably. It is focused on practicing skills, that is why you will not get bored learning the content. Download Prodigy Math Game and enjoy the quality educational content for free.

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 4

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 3.5


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