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The review presented on this page is written strictly for educational purposes. Please mind that the author's opinion on the matter may be different from yours.

The review presented on this page is written strictly for educational purposes. Please mind that the author's opinion on the matter may be different from yours.

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Crossword Puzzle Free Review: For Those How Love Words

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Professional Review

Ottilie Kleist
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Crossword Puzzle Free is a crossword puzzle game that can be installed on Android and iOS mobile devices. It is very useful for your brain, making you think and decide quickly. Download Crossword Puzzle with updates of this perfectly done word game which can be played on the go. The genre can improve your vocabulary and bring a lot of fun.

Image source - play.google.com

Graphics and Controls

The graphics are extremely simple, and together with responsive controls, these factors add to the game too much. The developer recently simplified the interface, and now the title can be used even by a kid or an adult beginner. There are four color schemes for you to choose and enjoy.


A crossword is played all over the world. The gameplay is simple. Here you will find a square or a rectangular grid of white and black shaded squares – boxes which should be filled in with letters. Your goal is to enter the letters into white squares. 

In the long run, they form words that are part of the phrases. There is also a kind of shaded squares which separate the words and phrases. As usual, you will find the solving clues. 

Playing this title every day, you will become a master. This activity trains your brain and makes your vocabulary rich. Moreover, it allows you to test your language skills and track your progress with corrected places. I prove in this Crossword Puzzle Free review that this game is full of virtues, and one of them is it brings relaxation.

You Can Get Stuck

I would not say that the game is complicated too much, but when you level up, there are moments when you get confused and cannot understand a crossword clue. In this case, you can turn to the built-in crossword solver and get the information. 

The app is downloaded and played without any charges. You can apply various types of fonts to make the game personalized. The title is compatible with SD Memory Card Installation. 

If you like to compare this title with the others of this genre or just continue the pleasant experience, try Ludo Supremo, Abalone, Words With Friends.


Enjoy the free Crossword Puzzles, which are not as easy to solve as it seems at first sight. The puzzles themselves are engaging, and the game is addictive. Download Crossword Puzzle to have a sharp intellect. You can play without an internet connection and get your rating higher.

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 4


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