VidaOne Diet & Fitness Review

VidaOne Diet & Fitness Review

12.02.2018 Off By Den Simons

VidaOne Diet & Fitness is a diet software which is formerly known as MySportTraining for Windows. VidaOne Diet & Fitness is a product of VidaOne, Inc. The software will help user follow a diet to lose or gain weight, monitor the food they consume, track specific nutrients such as glucose, cholesterol, etc. It also help user keep a detailed log of all their activities including cardio-vascular workouts (walking, running, bicycling, swimming, etc) and strength-training (free weight, barbell, dumbbell, machine, ball, etc.), track their progress toward the completion of a workout goal, enter health vital signs and other information such as body measurements and blood markers, and much more.

VidaOne Diet & Fitness is available for Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Windows Vista. User can download trial version from this diet software website.

VidaOne Diet & Fitness Highlight Features:

  • Mulit-User Profile – Lets each user create their own profile to store diet, food, workout, health records, and personal setting. It also comes with password enabled to protect privacy of each user.
  • Summary View – Shows Body Weight, progression of diet, activity summary list with number of workout, total time, number of calories, pie chart of each activities, training time spent on each exercise.
  • Journal View – Shows the meals, workouts and health information for a given day. It has four different charts: energy balance, energy breakdown, nutrients tracking, and summary list of the nutrients consumed for the day.
  • Calendar View – Shows monthly summary of user’s meals, workouts and health for a given month. User can customize the appearance and easily navigate from one month to another. They can also print the view, or double-click on any day to open in the Journal View.
  • Report View – Lets user see a variety of reports about their meals, workouts and health. All reports can be printed.
  • Graph View – Allows user to visualize information about meals, nutrient, workouts, health, body measurements, and blood marker. Graphs can be printed and customized.
  • Diet Tool – User can set diet goals or change diet goals later.
  • Diet Plan – User can choose from pre-defined diets like: USDA Food Pyramid, High Carb, Low Carb, High Protein, Low Protein, Low Fat.
  • Nutrients Tracking – Lets user track specific nutrients to make sure that they consume enough of them and/or do not consume too much of them. This is prime important for those who have a medical condition that imposes some restriction on specific nutrients.
  • Energy Tracking – User can set limit of the energy they want to consume daily.
  • Diet Results – Lets user see where their weight is vs. their goals, how many calories they need to lose (or gain) to reach their goal, how often they exercise and for how long. It also shows user the recommendations to reach their goals, base on their actual weight and their eating and exercising habits.
  • Food Organizer – Allows user to customize the food database. User can filter food items, import and export food items, search, add as favorite, combine foods into meal, customize food items and much more.
  • Meals Records – Allows user to add, edit, delete, or enter food items and extra servings for a meal.
  • Food Browser – Lets user to browser the entire food database and enter the amount they consumed of the selected food items.
  • Workouts Records – User can add, edit, delete or customize their workouts with this tool. It also allows user to create their own activities, and enter cardio training interval as well as strength training exercise of their workouts.
  • Health Records – User can enter information about their weight, body fat percentage, resting heart rate, blood pressure, activity level of the day, mood of the day, sleep quality and duration, body measurements and blood markers, and other custom fields.
  • HRM Support – User can import data from heart rate monitors like: Polar model AXN, F, CS, RS, or A-series heart rate monitor.
  • GPS Data Support – Use can zoom in and out, print the map to send to their friend. At the moment, only GPS data from MySportTraining for Pocket PC can be viewed.

Other features: period tool, find tool, activity organizer, time zones, measuring goals, Basal Metabolic Rate calculator, Body Mass Index calculator, Lean Body Mass calculator, backup and restore data, display options, and theme options.