ProTrack Review

ProTrack Review

10.03.2018 Off By Den Simons

ProTrack is a diet software that comes with workout log, nutrition log, personal measurements log and daily journal. ProTrack is a product of DakotaFit Software. The software will help user track their weight-training, sports or cardiovascular workouts, track all of their nutrition information, track personal measurements such their body weight, body fat, waist size, chest size, etc., and helps user keep daily journal about anything they wish.

ProTrack is available for Windows XP and Vista. There is no trial version available to download.

ProTrack Highlight Features:

  • Allows user to easily track their workouts, nutrition, and personal measurements (e.g. body weight, bench press max, etc.).
  • Lets user keep track of their calories burned and calories consumed.
  • User can use the Daily Journal to record any information that may affect their workouts.
  • Lets user view and analyze their fitness information in charts.
  • User can print detailed reports of their fitness information.
  • User can also export their charts and reports to many popular formats for use in another program or document.
  • Lets user create workout, meal and measurement templates so complete workouts, meals and measurements can effortlessly be entered into ProTrack.
  • Allows user to choose from 100 professionally pre-designed strength training programs that can be downloaded and used with ProTrack as workout templates.
  • User can print workout templates to take with them to the gym to record their workouts. When they get home, they can transfer their completed information (e.g. special notes, weights used, etc.) into ProTrack.
  • Lets user copy their current day’s workout, meal, or measurement information to multiple day’s for easy planning.
  • User can print blank workout, nutrition and measurement sheets to take with them anywhere to record their information.
  • User can choose from a list of over 270 exercises when entering their workouts. They can also add or delete their own exercises.
  • Has complete explanations on how to perform many of the exercises.
  • Lets user choose from a list of over 7200 food items when entering their meals. User can also add or delete their own food items.
  • Lets user keep track of over 70 nutrients.
  • User can also create their own recipes.
  • Lets user set their nutrition and measurement goals.

Each user can set up a separate file for as many users as they like. This is perfect for fitness professionals who want to track the programs and progress of their clients or for documenting and analyzing the exercise, nutrition, and fitness goals of friends and family.