Open Fitness Review

Open Fitness Review

17.03.2018 Off By Den Simons

Open Fitness is a diet software that lets user take control of their fitness information and monitor their progress. Open Fitness is a product of Workoutware LLC. The software will help user to achieve their fitness goals, keep them motivated, track all their fitness activities like personal trainer and much more.

Open Fitness is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux users. User can download trial version from this diet software website. Trial is 30 days with full function.

Open Fitness has four main features: Diet, Body Measurements, Weightlifting, and Cardio.

Diet Highlight Features:

  • User can log their meals…including carb, fat, protein, and calorie intake
  • Has thousands of pre-entered foods to choose from
  • Lets user save frequently-used meals as templates that can easily be used again
  • User can customize Open Fitness by adding their own foods
  • Allows user to chart their intake of fat, calories, carbs, or protein over time
  • Lets user share their diet through email or through the message board
  • Body Measurements Highlight Features:
  • Lets user track their weight, body fat, and various tape measurements
  • User can customize by adding their own new measurements
  • User can also chart any measurement over time
  • Allows user to track as many or as few measurements as they want
  • User can weigh in whenever you want — daily, weekly, monthly, or whatever their schedule allows.

Weightlifting Highlight Features:

  • Lets user plan and log their weightlifting workouts with details including sets, reps, rest, length, and more.
  • The software pre-fills set/rep for each exercise, based on past workout history
  • Lets user chart their strength progress for any exercise
  • User can save frequently-used workouts as reusable routines
  • Lets user Share/download workouts and routines through message board

Cardio Highlight Features:

  • Allows user to plan and log their cardio workouts with details including heart rate, distance, duration, calories burned, and more
  • User can chart their progress in any cardio exercise over time
  • Comes with many cardio exercises pre-entered, or user can customize with their own
  • Lets user share their cardio workouts through email