DietOrganizer Review

DietOrganizer Review

12.03.2018 Off By Den Simons

DietOrganizer Features

  • Developer: MulberrySoft
  • License: Shareware / Free to try
  • Official Website:
  • Platform: Windows

DietOrganizer Review

DietOrganizer is a fast and easy diet software that comes with calorie counter and diet diary. DietOrganizer is a product of MulberrySoft. The software will help user lose weight by calorie counting or optimize their health with diet and fitness routine.

DietOrganizer is available for Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. User can download trial version from this diet software website and try full function software for 10 days.

DietOrganizer Highlight Features:

  • The software comes with smart search, searches as user types, shows the most likely items first.
  • Lets user keep track of the foods they eat for fast selection
  • User can add new food definitions on the fly
  • Allows user to create new foods from lists of ingredients (e.g. Peanut butter sandwich)
  • Allows user to create menus (lists of foods, e.g. ‘My Cereal Breakfast’) for fast entry in a single operation
  • User can keep their Calorie counter data private (on their own PC), password protect their data.
  • The software can track calories and 31 nutrients
  • Has 6,000+ food database, with multiple portion sizes
  • Has 200+ exercise database
  • Comes with weight and body measurement tracking feature
  • The software allows user set nutritional goals
  • It has powerful charting and reporting
  • Has customizable food log, change nutrient columns, change colors and much more.
  • It includes calculators for BMI, Body Fat% and Metabolic Rate.

To add more useful information for other users, if you ever experience using the DietOrganizer program, I encourage you to write a short review about your experiences with software and share it with us.

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